KPI of European Collecting Societies

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This work is part of the joint research project „SO/CLEAR“ of the University of Leipzig and ALVDIGITAL Systems UG. The project is funded were funded by grants of the German Ministry of Education and Research in the context of the joint research project "SO/CLEAR" (01IS18083) under the supervision of the PT-DLR.

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As part of the research project SO/CLEAR, the aim of creating this map was to get an overview of the current situation of collecting societies in Europe applying various KPI. Therefore, our approach was the extraction of numbers from the public avaliable annual reports of the societes. These numbers were gathered, analysed, normalised, structured and finally visualised in the above map.

Due to limited resources and the project focus a few constraints have to be considered when using this map - the four C:

  • Copyrights: Although various collecting societies exist, our focus were solely copyright societies.
  • Completeness: As the map shows, not all european collecting societies are included. This is due to limited ressources and the time consuming gathering and adaption of numbers and follows no whatsoever prioritisation. We aim at a successive completion of the map.
  • Correctness: Although our goal is the highest achievable correctness, reaching this goal is not always possible or free of compromises. The annual reports of different societies are in no way normalised or standardised, so missing numbers, divergent semantics and uncertainties of translation had to be considered.
    If not explicitly stated in the reports and it seemed possible and sensible, the KPI were calculated, as indicated in the corresponding cells to ensure maximum transparency. If uncertainties were to high or no numbers were available as a basis for a calulation, the fields were left blank.
  • Comparability: Due to a multitude of possible reasons, not every KPI can be compared between the different societies. We addressed this by normalising values whenever necessary, possible and reasonable. Nevertheless, please bear the aspects said regarding correctness in mind.

If encountering questionable numbers or obvious errors please do not hesitate to contact us at
Enjoy this snapshot!