Welcome to SO/CLEAR

global Copyright Management and Royalty Processing

Todays world of music copyrights is a complex web of rights, relationships and rules.

No wonder that small and medium-sized music publishers are overwhelmed by administrative burden and weary of handling incomplete copyright data and unreliable income statements.


They have to rely on cooperation agreements between societies and on sub-publishers to reap any benefits of international royalties. They must deal with data structures and processes from the 70s.

SO/CLEAR - a research project by ALVDIGITAL and the University of Leipzig - aims to change that.

Global Copyrights

SOCLEAR aims to minimize the hurdles of

  • copyright administration
  • works registration
  • income processing

by abstracting processes, interfaces and data models of copyright societies worldwide.


In parallel we develop a system which addresses the root causes of music copyright complexities which stem from 

  • sub-publishing
  • co-publishing
  • publishers and societies IT standards
  • publishers and societies processes
  • intra-society data exchange
  • "local" copyright splits
  • refunding from publishers shares

Come and join us on this journey.

Benefits of direct memberships

Society Membership

Did you know? You can become a direct member of several copyright societies around the world. For german publishers, becoming members of SUISA and AKM/AUM for example is a no-brainer, with the language fit and all. The benefits are better data, faster turnaround, less errors and savings of up to 20%.

Complex made simple

Works Registrations

Global works registration is hard. Have you heard of CWR which stands for "common works registration" but is not so common after all? We are here to make global copyright administration simple. Different copyright societies have differing approaches, the (few) smarter ones keep it simple.

Crunching income data

Royalties Processing

While performance and broadcasting royalties still rule supreme, digital streaming royalties for musical works are slowly but steadily gaining traction. With it come huge amounts of data, each record having minuscule value but still must be split according to complex rights and relationships.